Hello lovely!

I am Lainne, a momma, author, and teacher, committed to helping you feel free and powerful so that you can Reclaim Your Destiny.
My personal story is all about finding wisdom, healing and exploring sensuality.

I’m dedicated to opening people up to their senses and adventure, and I love it when this has a ripple effect on everyone in your world.

My background is incredibly varied. I’m a healer and a mother. I’ve traveled the world and I’ve worked as a shiatsu therapist, a personal coach, guide, a sensuality expert and more.

I’ve also had the pleasure of studying with wise leaders, thinkers, and healers from both Eastern and Western traditions.

Along the way I’ve had amazing opportunities to learn about everything from Chinese and energy medicine to Tarot, Reiki, music, Ayurveda, naturopathy, dance and movement, angel messages, shamanism, and even the Montessori Method. I’m always expanding so I have more to share with you.

The most profound thing I want to tell you right now is what opening up to sensuality can do for you. It’s a way of being, feeling and knowing.

To engage with your senses is to expand your inner being and touch magic. But the language of the senses is quiet and subtle. It takes a bit of time to learn to listen, and once you do, it’ll change your personal life, intimate relationships, and sex life forever!

I challenge you to join me in our shared mission of igniting the fires of power, passion, and possibility within us all.




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