You are invited to take a trip back in time.  When women celebrated their bodies and their connection to all that is. 

To an age when the power of many was harnessed and channeled as an expression of the divine & the feminine. 

To remember what you already know about the mystic deep within you.
Reclaim Your Power
This FREE offering is for you if you want to learn more about your feminine body and its natural rhythms and cycles.  If you are interested in training yourself to trust in yourself and connect to your intuition and want to learn how to connect to a global superpower.

Nothing feels more disempowering as a female than having your period and being judged.  Feeling like we need to hide, apologize or minimize ourselves and our bodies.  Made to feel, dirty, small, embarrassed, and shamed.  Add to that the self beat up from the constant stream of judgments directed at women and our bodies and we are left deflated. 

As a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend and one-time girl,  this conversation stirs a fire in my blood.

After taking notice of the conversation around and general attitude toward girls, women, the feminine body and our menstrual cycles and hearing from countless females who struggle with this exact issue, I wanted to help.  I needed to help. I discovered that women have had enough of being shamed and are no longer willing to diminish themselves to make other people comfortable.  We were meant to shine!

We are gathered here in honor of the wise women from the past, to celebrate and recognize the women of today, and to pave the way for women in the future.

We are reclaiming our rites, ceremonies, traditions, and bodies.

We are respecting and appreciating our bodies and their unique relationship to the earth and the cycles of the moon.  We are moon children and are walking representations of the Earth, Mother to us all.

Whether you are a New Moon (expecting or have just gotten your first period), a Full Moon (in the reproductive years), or a Waning Moon (preparing for or experiencing menopause) 

Create an intentional, loving, acknowledgment by marking this space and time in your life, or the life of someone special to you. 

Pause to honour yourself.  Receive the blessings of doing so and be welcomed into an empowering community.



You are invited to:
- uncover deeply hidden truths
- celebrate the awesomeness that is YOU
- unleash the power contained within 
- get comfortable with your inner mystic
- to reconnect with nature
- to celebrate your body and its cycles
- to rediscover
- to heighten 
- to deepen
_ to connect to a global superpower
- to utilize and share your wisdom